Yes& is an ongoing creative collaboration between Hunter Franks and Ray Boyle. 

Meet Your Neighbors
February 2015

Meet Your Neighbors highlights the unique and powerful stories of the residents of the beautifully intricate West Oakland neighborhood. We explored the neighborhood on foot, meeting people and spending some time with them before capturing their portrait and story. We quickly discovered the openness and kindness of our neighbors in addition to their desire to make their neighborhood a wonderful place.

The portraits and stories were displayed at larger than life scale for the Inauguration Party of the Oakland Mayor, along with a large sculpture and interactive installation where visitors could write down what they love about West Oakland and what they want to see more of.   

Gallery 213

Gallery 213 is a quarterly, international, pop-up gallery featuring emerging artists in a temporary environment for exploration, connection, and art appreciation. Our first show, Gallery 213 Presents: Hunter Franks 365 Lists Solo Show, had over 200 people for a one-night only exhibition of his work.

Our second show is coming soon! Stay tuned by following us here.