“If anyone can get unlikely neighbors chatting away, it might be artist Hunter Franks, who is trying to inject a sense of “love and play” into changing urban communities.” -Fast Company

“Imagine this: you live in San Francisco, and one day, a postcard from a stranger appears in your mailbox…”-The Atlantic Cities

“‘Creative Interventionist’ seeks to unite disparate communities in Macon” -Georgia Public Broadcasting

“Our default mode in public is staring at a smartphone rather than starting a conversation. San Francisco-based artist Hunter Franks wants to start changing that…” -Fast Company

“By prompting exchanges between participants from a range of backgrounds, the project brings San Franciscans together as they bond over shared hopes for improving the city.” -BMW Guggenheim Lab Blog

“Neighborhoods endure bad reputations because of blight. But what if you could hear directly from the people who actually live in these supposedly ‘no good’ areas?” -Fast Company

“How a simple postcard can build community.” -GOOD