Some of what I've been up to lately:

Upcoming Projects

Summit Lake Public Art Project

I'm currently working on a community-driven project in the Summit Lake neighborhood in Akron, Ohio. Summit Lake is a neighborhood facing challenges of geographical isolation, unemployment, and blight with opportunity for positive storytelling, activity, and culture. The project is still taking shape and I will update here as it progresses. 

Sunrise Club 005

Sunrise Club is a public act of non-normative morning conduct. We will convene on top of a local tall natural land mass in San Francisco for a magical morning filled with music, laughter, food, and the rising of the sun. Attendees wear their most formal/outrageous attire while being serenaded by amazing local cello music before chowing down on light breakfast fare while the sun peeks over the Eastern mountains. Next date being announced SOON!

Upcoming Lectures