I was commissioned by the Asheville Design Center and the Center for the Craft to facilitate a creative placekeeping-based visioning process for the city block on which the Center for Craft is located in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina. I hosted a site walk of the Study Area with key stakeholders and produced an educational speaking event on creative placekeeping which explored best practices and local opportunities for how art and design can be integrated into community planning and engagement processes to achieve increased quality of life and a more authentic sense of place. I also consulted on community engagement methods for a Creative Intervention, a one-day event held on May 5, 2018 with a range of focal points, including: experimenting with unique public art installations and culturally diverse creative activities, potential streetscape changes, and infrastructure improvements. The purpose was to gather community feedback and momentum for permanent change to take place in a way that satisfies local community members, property owners, business owners, and residents. Participants were given multiple opportunities to share input through discussions with design team members, chalkboards, and a survey postcard. An estimated 1,000 people attended the event and 318 participants completed surveys that helped inform the design team’s recommendations. See the full Broadway Cultural Gateway Report.