500 Plates - Akron, Ohio

500 Plates brought together 500 residents in Akron, Ohio from each of the city’s 22 neighborhoods at one, 500 foot-long table on the underused Innerbelt Freeway for a shared community meal.

Prior to this main meal, we collected a favorite household recipe from one resident in each of Akron’s 22 neighborhoods. These recipes were printed onto custom stoneware plates which were used at the community meal, creating a unique way to connect people from different neighborhoods. 

This event also served as a way for residents to reimagine what the underused freeway can potentially be used for, as it closes in 2016. Attendees were encouraged to write and draw their ideas on a table runner and were guided by volunteer table hosts to discuss their personal stories as well as the challenges and opportunities of their neighborhoods, public space, and the future of their city. 

Selected Press

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Photo by  Shane Wynn

Photo by Shane Wynn


200 Plates - San Jose, CA

I partnered with the City of San Jose to host a meal for 200 residents and community partners in 2017 and again in 2018. Table hosts facilitated conversation around public space in San Jose. Discussions were documented and shared with City officials. The 2018 meal impact report can be viewed here.