The messages of a capitalist structure inundate our public spaces and minds during Christmas season.

A reminder that being present, simply showing up as your true and authentic self, is far more powerful than anything you can buy.

Right before Christmas Eve 2015, San Franciscans awoke to 1,000 signs distributed around the entire city that read "Get Presents" modified to say "Be Present." Signs were assembled over several days and distributed around the entire city in the middle of the night. Signs were made using plywood, paint, laser cut stencils, and spray paint. Each of the 1,000 signs were individually numbered on the back and included a message inviting the person who found the sign to take it home with them. In addition, the website link and a hashtag were written on the back of the sign. Over the next few days, photos popped up on Instagram as people discovered the signs all over the city.